Jewish heritage

Dohany Street Synagogue Budapest, Hungary

Short Jewish Heritage tour in Budapest

2 hours

Hungarian and Jewish history has been so interwoven for centuries that it is almost inseparable. Jews have played an important role in the country’s economical, cultural and political life, and Budapest also happens to be the birthplace of Theodore Herzl. Take a look at the Synagogue of Dohány...


Long Jewish Heritage tour in Budapest

4 hours

Discover the Jewish heritage of Budapest! Apart from the memorials and intriguing places covered in the short tour, you will also take part in an additional walking tour in the city and will be our guest for a cake in a glatt kosher...

Synagogue and rabbi house of Mád, Source:

Jewish Heritage tour through Hungary

5 days

Hungary has a unique location and offers visitors several interesting sights both in Budapest and in the countryside. During your stay you will have an insight into Hungarian culture as well as the country’s Jewish...