Castle Hotels

Batthyány Castle Hotel


The Batthyány Castle Hotel is situated in a quiet, relaxing environment in a landscaped area of 10 acres, on the outskirts of a small village called Zalacsány. The Castle building is surrounded by an open-air swimming pool, children’s playground, beach volleyball and tennis courts, bar...


Prónay Castle


Prónay Castle with its diverse venues provides a cosy space for your events, be it an executive training, a management meeting, a conference, a partner meeting, a film shooting, a reunion for hunting, or a gathering of friends, family or wedding guests. The castle buildings, in perfect harmony...


Puchner Castle Hotel


The Castle is the embodiment of elegance and generates a feeling of aristocracy. The building truly evokes the atmosphere of the 19th century neo-classicist castle, as if we had gone back into the era of the Habsburgs. The inner space of the rooms and salons, their chandeliers and the old, elegant...