About Otp Travel

Stability, reliability, expertise, creativity and flexibility – these are the keywords that best describe OTP Travel and its inbound department OTP Travel DMC since its institution in 1984. The founding owner, OTP Bank plc – one of the most significant banks in the Central European Region – ensures reliable ownership and a solid financial background. Amongst its regular clients OTP Travel DMC boasts several major enterprises, international pharma & medical companies and sports federations as well as financial institutions and a number of universities and educational institutions. We are proud of being a member of the Lufthansa City Center/Global Incoming Network. Our highly experienced colleagues have long-term business relationships with the most significant suppliers and sights.

Our mission

  • Organising unforgettable journeys

    To help our clients with organising unforgettable journeys and show them the beauties and possibilities that Hungary can offer.
  • Guess our customers' thoughts

    To guess our customers’ thoughts and implement those on the highest level.
  • Giving great services for the perfect trips

    To invigorate people's lives by giving great services in order to create the perfect trip.

About Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country but also a land of waters featuring the largest freshwater lake in Europe. There are two main rivers flowing through the landscape, one of which divides the capital city Budapest into Buda on one side and Pest on the other. Additionally Hungary has more than a thousand thermal water springs and swimming or bathing in these waters for relaxation or as part of medical treatments is an important activity for Hungarian people.

Hungary is located in the low-lying areas of the Carpathian Basin and has a landscape of rolling hills and plains, including the largest continuous grasslands in Europe. Hungary also has wonders to show you. In the past the same forces created thermal springs and carved out hundreds of kilometres of limestone caves.

Budapest - The pearl of the Danube

What is Budapest like? This beautiful and exciting historical city is is filled with culture, tradition and vital energy. Contrasts such as great and small, ancient history and recent times, untroubled quiet spots and the upbeat locations all come together to make up what we know as Budapest.

The Parliament building facing the River Danube is the symbol of the city, while the Castle of Buda on the opposite side is a symbol of history and condition of our identity. It is also a World Heritage site. The surrounding castle district offers the most romantic walks in Budapest. Some of the sights you can find there include the Holy Trinity Square, the Matthias Church and the Fishermen's Bastion.


Tokaj Landscape, Hungary

Northern Hungary

Tihany, Hungary

Lake Balaton and surroundings

Millenary Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma, Hungary


The puszta, Hungary

Great Plain

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest and surroundings

Did you know?

  • That Budapest (the capital city of Hungary) has the highest number of thermal springs in the world?
    70 million liters of thermal water rises to the surface of the earth daily. Hungary has public bathing practices that go back to Roman times.

  • That Buda and Pest, the two parts of the capital have two completely different vibes?
    Some people say Buda is a bit bougie and Pest is more…hipster. You’ll be the judge.

  • That Hungarians are mightily inventive?
    Notable inventions include the Rubik’s Cube (by sculptor and professor Erno Rubik, 1974), the krypton electric bulb (by physicist Imre Brody in 1937), and the ballpoint pen also knonw as „biro” (patented in 1938 by journalist László Bíró).

  • That Hungary has 22 wine regions?
    Not only has wine been produced here since the 5th century, but the world’s very first quality based vineyard classification was established for Tokaj, the most famous wine region of the country.

  • That pálinka (the Hungarian National Spirit) is considered the cure for all ills?
    Refuse a shot of the ubiquitous fruit brandy and risk causing great insult – not to mention confusion. Hungarian nagymamák (grandmas) swear by its powers. As the saying goes: “Palinka in small amounts is a medicine, in large amounts a remedy”.

  • That Hungarians have their own cowboys?
    They are called “csikós” in Hungarian. They live and entertain the visitors with amazing horse shows on the Hungarian Great Plain called the “Puszta”.