Gastro & wine programs

Gerbeaud Café

While in Budapest make sure to stop at the Gerbeaud Café, since this place is not only a delight to the eyes but also to one's tastebuds. We offer you a selection from some of the most delicious Hungarian cakes in this more than 150 years old...


Eat your way through Budapest

3.5 hours

A foodie revolution has swept through the city in recent years and brought with it Michelin star gourmet restaurants, reinvented market halls, street vendors, elegant cafes and quirky food trucks. On the Eat Hungary tour not only do you get a perfect day of eating with the help of a knowledgable...


Gourmet restaurants

Discover some of the best restaurants Budapest has to offer. These gems listed below have all been awarded Michelin stars in the past few...


Strudel house

Take part in a mouth-watering experience in a strudel house where you can learn about this delicious dish as well as participate in the process of making...


Wine tasting in Etyek

6 hours

Located about 30 kilometeres to the West from Budapest, Etyek is a lovely little village that is part of the Etyek-Buda wine region of Hungary where mainly white grape varieties are grown. Wine culture here dates back to Roman ages, although the roots of current winemaking are tied to the German...


Chocolate manufacture visit

Discover artisan techniques of making pralines in our Chocholate Manufacture, presented with the help of our chocolate master. Afterwards you can taste these freshly made culinary...